Some of the young promoters of the “Union of Extutelados de Catalunya” (care leavers association) have presented this group to the representatives of the entities participating in the YOUNIC project, which has collaborated in the creation and dissemination of this association as a means of empowering those supervised youngster who are left aside when they turn 18.



Giyaur Rahman, president of the UJEC, explained that the association was born from the need to guarantee the resources and basic needs of young people who, at the age of 18, leave the public tutelage system abruptly. First, the collective claims that there is a sufficient and equal material endowment to ensure full employment and social inclusion. In addition, they intend to make visible and destigmatize these youngsters. On the other hand, the young promoters of the association want to share their stories and strategies of success to the people in charge, emphasizing the need to develop their autonomy and entrepreneurial capacity. Finally, a primary objective is to collaborate with other entities and especially with public institutions so that there is a real protection of the rights of the ex-guardians.

After the presentation of the UJEC, its representatives have had the opportunity to chat with each of the representatives of social entities from Mexico, Colombia, Italy and Romania. In particular, the work of Ferney Arévalo, participant of YOUNIC of Colombia, who volunteered in the EVEHO association, helping to create and disseminate the UJEC, has been highlighted.

YOUNIC is a strategic project, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Mundus, which has generated the opportunity for six organizations from different parts of the world to share a long-term experience to work with young people with fewer opportunities boosting their capacity entrepreneur and her initiative at the local level.