The GAL Sierra Mam’kach is a local mexican association that aims to promote the model of rural and sustainable development with the LEADER methodology of the EU. The GAL is working with 2 kind of YPWFO: young women coming from rural areas and youngsters who are getting out from drug business. In Mexico the drug cartels recruit youngsters by first involving them in some drug trafficking, then in selling drugs and finally, in some cases, they are given the job of tracking down people the cartel wants to assassinate.

The GAL is managing a local center for mentoring and tutoring of youngsters who decided to step out from the cartels and are looking for ways to empower themselves. Besides this, the GAL is managing an Entrepreneurship Centre for women. The center is a “one stop shop” for business creation; its experts are specialized for women are entrepreneurship and member of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs.

Through their collaboration in the project, they intend to address the following topics:

1. What means to be young? Mutual help and social well-being (values of cooperativism).
2. Strategy to develop cooperative development among young people.
3. Real and effective participation of youth in cooperativism.
4. How to facilitate processes for youth to participate and actively integrate.
5. How to create spaces for inclusion and integral develpment of rural youth in a globalized world.
6. Training, promotion, participation and labour insertion of youth.
7. Youth with a purpose and a project of life for the develpment of the territory.
8. Challenges and opportunities that allow youth´s participation in the development.
9. Identifying problems and opportunities to generate integral development.
10. The youth and our environment. How to give value to our major gift (strategy and leadership).


Mr. Isaias Jiménez Reyes. President of Grupo de Acción Local Sierra Mam´Kach administration board. 

Technicians Team

-Avimael Bravo López – Agricultural Technician
-Basilia Guadalupe Velazco Trejo – Lawyer
-Angeles Itzamar Rivera López – Degree in Gastronomy
-Clementino Daniel Salas Pérez- Ecoturism Technician
-Juan de Jesús Anzueto García – Agricultural Engineer
-Gregorio Najera García – Agricultural Technician
-Cristobal Roblero Juárez – Public Accountant
-Fanny Lilen González Florez -Agricultural Technician