The GAL Valletenzano exits since 2012 as a result of the DELCO project, funded by EU. The GAL works in different areas for the empowerment of people coming from rural areas. The GAL (Grupo de Acción Local) dedicates part of his work in dealing with young people who are at risk to be involved by the local guerrillas.

Valletenzano is a rural area where FARC´S and other guerrillas group have been recruiting youngsters as “guerrilleros” for many years. Since the reasons why the youngsters where becoming guerrilleros where mainly economical, in 2014 the GAL activated a special local project called “Groups of Saving”, that proved to be a remarkable experience on how to foster social cohesion trough entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Younic project will help all partners to take advantage of this local experience. The main objective is to support the development of psycho-social and productive capacities in rural youths (14 to 28 years) of the municipalities of the Valley of Tenza – Boyacá in order to provide enought tools to mitigate the exodus due to the rural migration of the young people of the region.

According to the characteristics of the region, it has been defined that at least two young people are involved per municipality taking into account gender balance. Priority will be given to rural youth ranging from 14 to 28 year old.It is proposed to make an open call, and the more specific criteria will be determined by the board of the GAL.

Intervention areas:
-Human development
-Productive projects in areas such as special coffee, rural tourism, ITC


The EVS volunteers of Younic project will help GAL Valletenzena in 4 different local municipalities:

  1. Santa María: supporting young entrepreneurs.
  2. Somondoco: supporting activ participation process for youth with the Youth Department of Boyacá in different topics as environment, culture, health and local development.
  3. Guayatá: helping GAL Valletenzano in the local development.
  4. Garagoa: helping Corpochivor organization, a public organization in charge of sustainable policies of Boyacá taking care of communication, visibility, enviromental awareness and local development.


Project Coordinator: Mario Barreto Triana. Director of GAL Valletenzano

Technical Staff:
-Miryam Jenny Rivera Roa 
-Karen Alexandra Aguirre
-Jehiner Bermúdez