Life and Life has a long-time experience in development cooperation at international level, mainly in Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Tunisia.

At the same time, Life and Life is also working at local level in the city of Palermo. In Palermo Life and Life manages a social desk for refugees and immigrate families (Sportello Migranti), as well as and sanitary projects. The Sportello Migranti provides health, bureaucratic and legal assistance to migrants & refugees, as well as food and cloth when necessary. Furthermore, Life and Life organized with the University of Palermo 2 trainings on psycho-social needs of refugees.

Finally, in 2011 they also created a football team made only by young refugees hosted in Palermo.

For the Younic project, Life and Life will especially take care of the EVS preparation for non-EU countries.

Local target group: the youth included into the YOUNIC project in Sicily are from 8 different countries: Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Senegal and Nigeria. They are between 14 and 17 years old and attend a junior high school for adults in the afternoon, except the youngest of 14 years old, who goes to school in the morning, close the community.

Local strategy: It will consist in carrying out two seminars (2 days) with a group of 20 participants interested in social economy entrepreneurship and social skills.


Project coordinator: Giacoma Brancato, Steering Committee member.

Technical Staff:
• Elisabetta di Giovanni, Technical Coordinator, Expert in social anthropology.
• Arif Hossain, Technical Responsible, Cultural mediator and interpreter, Technical Committee member
• Federica Cirami, Technical Tutor, Expert in gender violence, Technical Committee member
• Cinzia Novara, Volunteer, Expert in empowerment and dynamic psychology
• Maria Garro, Volunteer, Expert in Social psychology