Asociación Mundus -Un Mundo a tus Pies- based in the cities of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) and Zaragoza, is an association created by young people passionate about mobility and exchange, as well as cultural diversity and non-formal development for youngsters. Its main goal is implementing projects which facilitate the contact between cultures and with the idea of promoting a more inclusive and egalitarian society. We want to give opportunities to the youth to develop themselves, and learn through non-formal education. 

Since 2013, Mundus is cooperating at local level with EVEHO foundation. EVEHO foundation promotes projects and actions aim at enabling social and occupational integration and inclusion of young people at risk social exclusion. EVEHO manages centers for minors and young people under tutelage of the Spanish Government. Most of these youngsters are refugees, or/and are coming from poor and violent backgrounds.

Mundus works with EVEHO and directly with youngsters in order to assist and empower them, taking care of their personal, health and economical aspects, with the final aim of helping them to be active citizens of their local communities. Mundus is strictly cooperating with the foundation by providing those young people with chances of educational mobilities abroad. 

Mundus is the applicant and coordinator of YOUNIC and cares of the general management of the project activities at trans-national level, quality management and financial administration, general supervision of the project and organization of the final conference.


Alberto Tortolero is Mundus´ President. He is responsible for the overall of Mundus activity, designing local and international action plans. He holds a Master in economy and he has a wide experience in leading Erasmus+ projects. Mr Tortolero is appointed by Spanish National Agency for Youth as EVS trainer for EVS training cycle (for in-coming and out-going volunteers), as well as other trainings offered by the NA.

Enrique Miana is Mundus’ Project Manager. He has been working for more than 20 years in the area of cooperation programs for private companies and public institutions as expert consultant. Mr Miana is a recognized trainer by the Executive Agency EACEA and the Erasmus + programme.

Juan Graciano is Mundus Communication Manager. He is EVS mentor and responsible for designing the whole communication strategy of Mundus, as well as the DEOR plans (visibility and dissemination or results) for Mundus’ local and international projects. He has a wide experience as a journalist (EL PAIS) and as social media manager for non-profit organizations.