Local partner: Fundacio Eveho.

Description: Fundació Eveho is a social initiative entity established in 2002, which develops a series of projects focused on the care of children, adolescents and young people at risk of social exclusion and social and labor insertion platforms for this collective of young people. The Foundation has an experience of more than 25 years through other types of platforms (youth vacation sites, associations, etc.)

The Eveho Foundation develops the following projects:

Vertical CRAE (different ages) of 30 unaccompanied minors
CRAE for teenagers with 20
Home of autonomy for 10 teenagers
Home of autonomy for 8 teenagers
Youth residence for adults (13 places)
T-Jove program (non-residential) for teenagers and young people.
Project for street children, adolescents and youth in Maputo (Mozambique)
GJCPO: Teens and young people in charge and care leaver youngsters from 16 to 21 years at risk of exclusion.

Description of the local project: The project aims to provide support and support to young people in the development of training plans on employability skills. YOUNIC would help to follow up on the employability program of the Foundation and extend it to the different resources. One of the objectives set for this project is the creation of a group of young people that is organized and managed to fight for their interests.

The employability project has different actions directly or indirectly linked to the social and labor insertion of young people. In this way, training activities are carried out in basic, transversal and specific competences through training actions, participation in volunteering, free time and direct experiences with work.

We intend to create different work groups depending on the location of residence of the young participants. These working groups are composed of professionals from the Foundation, volunteers and young participants (JCPO)

The tasks of the EVS will consist of actively participating in the different work sessions, providing new approaches and experiences, coordinating with the rest of the Foundation’s professionals and volunteers and keeping a documented record of the instruments used to collect the data.