YOUNIC´s kick off meeting took place from 24th February until 1st March 2017 in Motozintla, Chiapas (México). There, representatives from each partner organizations gathered to start implementing the actions of the project. YOUNIC is an international project co-funded by Eramus+ programme that tends to offer 6 international organizations working with young people with few opportunities (YWFO) a dialogue space an the tools and capacities to improve the quality of their work in their specific local environment.


This meeting was initially planned for the first week of February, but it was not possible to adjust the partners’ agenda by that date, 

-Objectives of the meeting

-Definition of roles and partners distribution

-Review of objectives, contents and schedule of YOUNIC

-Foundations for logistics and administrative task of the partnership

Issues discussed

-Information about “YOUNIC Seminar” that will happen at the end of April 2017 in Vijayawada, India.

-Knowledge in situ of the local reality of Chiapas and the socioeconomic and cultural context of the YWFO.

-Detailed presentation of the partners and organizational structure for the project.

-Project overview: what is Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building?

Presentation and status quo of the project

Detailed description of the target group (YWFO) and local projects

-Review of actions and biannual project schedule

Partnership agreement and grant agreement

-Description and explanation of the financial picture of the project

-Summary of agreements and schedule


    •  Spain:  Asociación Mundus (Barcelona, Catalonia) :
      • ALBERTO TORTOLERO (President) y  ENRIQUE MIANA (YOUNIC technician and facilitator)
    • Romania:  Asociación Millenium Center (Arad)
      • CRISTINA NISTOR (President)
    • Colombia: Grupo de Acción Local Valletenzano (Región de Boyaca)
      • MARIO BARRETO (Presidente)
    • Mexico: Grupo de Acción Local Man´kach (Región de Chiapas)
      • ISAIAS JIMENEZ (Presidente) y ADIN ORTIZ (EVS mentor)
    • India: New Beginnings Charitable Trust, (Vijayawada)
      • No delegation atteended the KOM
    • Italy: Life and Life NGO (Palermo)
      • GIACOMA BRANCATTO ( Project Manager)

KOM Agenda

    • 24th Friday:
      • Participants arrival
    • 25th Saturday:
      • Participants presentation
      • GAL Man´kach territory guided tour and visit to local projects
      • ERASMUS+ overview
    • 26th Sunday:
      • Target group and Local projects detailed: partners presentation
      • Expected results at local level
    • 27th Monday
      • Partnership agreement signature, Grant agreement explanation , financial issues
      • YOUNIC Official Presentation with local autorithies in Motozintla (Chiapas)
      • Entrepreneurs and local products market (feria)
    • 28th Tuesday
      • Review of activities and scheme of the project
      • Summary of agreements
      • Evaluation and farewell

Kick Off Meeting Pictures: