Jesús Torres


Job Shadowing in México

Post-mobility article

I am thinking about how intense these days have been. I am thinking of all the people I have met. I am thinking of how grateful I should be in my life for having taught me, for instance, in previous experiences, to take and enjoy a bath with bucket and bowl. I should be thankful for having dealt with volunteers previously: when I was a coordinator of a SETEM volunteer group in Mozambique. The same way in Zambia, when I hosted German volunteers from the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) for several years.

I am thinking of Isaías and his strong determination that he has put on this YOUNIC project. Surely, this very determination will be the one that will make possible to overcome the small shortcomings in the concretion of the project.

I am thinking of Ruth… my friend Ruth, with whom I have shared most of my time in Chiapas: Time in quantity and time in quality. Her maturity, training and previous experience guarantee the viability of these 6 months that lie ahead.

I am thinking of Valentina, Alexandra and Tania … although I hardly know them, my first impression is that they also have the necessary skills to bet on them in this challenge that they have set themselves.

I am thinking of Adin and his wife, President of AGROMUJER, committed to peasant women.

I am thinking of Loli and her husband who, one day before leaving, told me, almost whispering, that they would like to open a Centre similar to Eveho’s.

I am thinking of the family that has hosted us: Ernesto, Silvia, the grandparents, the children … and how from their simplicity, they have managed to have their oldest son finished the first year of medicine.

I am thinking of Jorge, the Copalera, and how a person who has touched bottom can rise from his ashes to undertake a project of commitment to the environment and with young people at risk of falling into the same mistakes that almost end with him.

Great trip, greater people, and great lesson for life!