Carmen Serrano


EVS Volunteer in Colombia


“Con muchas ganas e ilusión de poder disfrutar esta gran oportunidad”


June 2017

At the same time that I arrived in Bogotá, I noticed that I had made a mistake with the clothes I had in the suitcase for the 6 months … 😒 I expected it to be hot, sunny … so most of the clothes I had prepared were for the summer … For the luck of the raincoat, which until today has saved me in many days jejeje

The next day, we set out for Guayatá, the town where I will be the next 6 months as a volunteer in the ARRAIGO project. My first impression, it is fascinating, I remain open-mouthed with the landscape that surrounds the village, all mountains, very green all, Nature in its purest form! I love! The first week, all the volunteers in a hotel, to know a little the territory and to do the formation of EVS all together. So, during the first days in Guayatá, we met the Cannor Coffee Factory, I learned how the coffee process is done, which I did not know … We went through a ship near the village, a breathtaking view! And we had plenty of time to walk around and get to know the town. Although … the town has only two streets…

The day came when each of the volunteers’ marches to the villages where they have been selected to volunteer … Here begins our adventure during these 6 months!