Millenium Center has for nearly one and a half decade of active involvement into youth work, creating and supporting centers dedicated to learning, children, young people, social establishments, cultural, for all ages, guesthouses and farmhouses, afterschool centers and orphanages. A couple of years ago MC started working in particular with 2 categories of YPWFO: young refugees and young Roma people.

Over the years of managing educational opportunities for fewer opportunities from Romania abroad, within EVS and AMICUS programmes, MC collected data and created good practice materials regarding the work with YPWFO. MC is focusing in creating tools to develop the profession of YOUTH WORKER in Romania and Europe and to deliver this training especially in the purpose of fighting against social exclusion, with the possibility of taking an voluntary experience abroad or in MC.

Those good practice materials are consecutively used to train new employees of MC, as well as improve constantly trainings with fewer opportunities. The practices and tools are based on the “ETS” methodology (Education Through Sport) as a tool to fight unemployment and social exclusion. MC agreed on sharing those good practices trough the Younic project.

MC is in charge of developing the following activities:

-Recruitment of Job shadowing participants and NEET of EVS candidates
-Involvement of other organisation to support YounIC at local level
-Local seminars of two days
-Local working group with YWFO
-Production of YOUNIC manual
-Organization of sponsorship events
-Job shadowing preparation
-EVS exchanging preparation
-6 months EVS YOUNIC (hosting & sending)




Project coordinator: Cristina Anamaria NISTOR- Expert in NGO and Company General Management, Expert in Psychology and Economics

Technical Committee
• Technical Financial Responsible, Expert in financial and accountant manager – Claudia Chiturlea
• Technical Tutor, Expert in counselling psychology – Oana Mihit
• Technical Tutor, Expert in statistical psychology, EVS trainings – Mina Cristina
• Technical Tutor, Expert in administrative, local community/ stakeholders connection – Alexandra Biris
• Technical Tutor, Expert in NGO and Business start, trainings, follow-up projects strategy – Sorin Roman